What We Do

We grow plants, from annuals to perennials, vegetable and herbs. We primarily grow starter bedding plants for our customers to take home and plant in a garden, but we also have combination pots, hanging baskets and other garden-related merchandise. We also have a large selection of bagged mulches, soils and composts. We grow all of our plants here, nurtured and cared for by people in your community. We also grow them responsibly, which you can read about in our Being Green section.

Our goals were simple, and they remain simple today. We want to provide high quality plants that are grown right – locally and responsibly. We want to work with people we like and with people who like working here, so we try to create a work environment that is fun and gratifying. And what can be more gratifying than growing baby plants for happy customers?

History of Lucas Greenhouses

Lucas Greenhouses is owned by Susan and Tom Palomaki. We know that Lucas Greenhouses was started as a hobby by Glenn Lucas in the 1970’s. When he retired from Gleason Works in Rochester, NY, he opened the greenhouse to the public. In the late 1970’s or early 80’s, the greenhouse was sold to Max and Kathy Kneer, where it grew and was operated until Kathy’s passing in 2004.

As avid vegetable gardeners, and regular Lucas Greenhouses customers, we went to buy our vegetable plants in 2005 to learn that the business had closed for the year. We were saddened to hear of Kathy’s passing and that we were forced to look elsewhere for our starter plants. A sign on the door indicated that they hoped to re-open the following year.

Tom had spent over twenty years in the software industry and his company was undergoing significant changes. Susan spent many years in the hospitality industry while raising four children. Naturally, we bought Lucas Greenhouses!

Now it’s not as big a jump as you might expect. You see, we both grew up on farms. Susan’s family had a ‘hobby’ farm, while Tom’s family owned a very large farm business in the Southern Tier of New York. Tom has a degree in Agricultural Business from Cornell, and with Susan’s degree and experience with retail and hospitality we had the basic skills to get started.